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Additional Resources: How to Boost Testosterone Naturally: The Ultimate Guide Cold Showers And Testosterone: The Theory of Cool Glands Another interesting benefit of cold showers is that they will boost your sperm count and increase fertility.

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This is great news for any of you guys who are scared of losing your hair! When you take a cold shower, brown fat is activated, resulting in an increase in energy and calories burned to keep your body warm.

Additional Resources: Dude Stopped His Hair Loss Through Cold Showers Alone Cold Showers: One of The Best Anti-Aging Secrets Another way cold showers will make you look better, is by promoting fat loss. So much so that according to this study, cold temperatures can increase brown fat by 15X the normal amount, which can result in , that taking ice baths was an amazing way to promote weight loss. Additional Resources: Cold Showers May be Secret to Burning Fat, Research Reveals One of the coolest benefits of cold showers, for men, is that they will cause a rise in testosterone levels.

If your not motivated by feeling better, then be motivated by looking better.

One of the best ways to improve your skin (and hair) is by taking cold showers. According to certified Dermatologist Jessica Krant, ice cold water can help our skin by preventing it from losing too many natural oils. Along with that, one of the benefits of cold showers is how they will help your hair appear shiny, strong & healthy by keeping the follicles flat and increasing their grip to the scalp. It’s function is to generate heat and keep your body warm.

Cold showers have been proven to have an amazing effect on your well being and health.

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