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Many of us have little bits that we fear might send this fantastic new person running for the hills.

Because it’s definitely not easy to spill your guts about some of the most personal and intimate details of your life, dating site Zoosk, decided to do some investigating.

It seems like no one wants to be trying to enjoy their Oysters Rockefeller while listening to the tearful details of someone’s past relationship and just how messy the breakup was.

Instead, 46 percent of people would rather wait a few weeks before that conversation is brought to the table.

So it only makes sense that you could be on a first date with someone and had just had a first date with someone else the night before. In contrast, only one-third of women are willing to go that route.

For those who are seeing other people, 70 percent of men and 62 percent of women would share that information either on or immediately following the first date, like perhaps, before the second date. For 56 percent of men and 54 percent of women, the whole marriage talk should be discussed after at least six months of dating.

So he does not know how good things can be with someone.

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