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I think that the law was re-codified in 1954, but I think it actually dates to the 1870s.” Which is to say nothing of Michigan’s vote-counting system, which, according to Grebner, is “actually really bad.” “It makes errors in any given race in about one quarter of one percent of all ballots.In other words, if you count a thousand ballots, you’re going to get two or three errors in every precinct that has a thousand ballots.” Listen to the full interview above.Across town, two of the Street Thunder warlords, along with two other gang members, drive around the neighborhood looking for people to kill.

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Carpenter's script, originally titled The Anderson Alamo, was inspired by the Howard Hawks Western film Rio Bravo and the George A. Despite controversy with the MPAA over an scene involving the violent killing of a young girl, the film received an R rating and opened in the United States on November 3, 1976.

Assault was initially met with mixed reviews and unimpressive box-office returns in the United States.

More courtroom drama tomorrow is expected as Michigan Republicans and the campaign of President-elect Donald Trump continue try to shut down the statewide ballot recount.

The recount was requested by Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein.

Sales taxes on the merchandise you buy go into the city's general fund, which helps pay for many important city services, such as police, fire, parks and libraries.

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