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Almost all of Star Trek's aliens fall into one of only two categories.

On one end of the scale we have non-humanoid lifeforms whose very nature is incomprehensible.

Leiser This entire episode is viewable on You Tube in three parts: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 Sponsor: Bristol-Myers Panel: Johnny Carson, Betsy, Henry, Bess Director: Franklin Heller Associate Director: Joseph Chomyn Technical Director: Charles Grenier Lighting: Sal Bonsignore Production Manager: Mitchell R.

Season 6Season 7 Darmok Ensign Ro Silicon Avatar Disaster The Game Unification I/IIA Matter of Time New Ground Hero Worship Violations The Masterpiece Society Conundrum Power Play Ethics The Outcast Cause and Effect The First Duty Cost of Living The Perfect Mate Imaginary Friend I, Borg The Next Phase The Inner Light Time's Arrow I/II See TNG season 4 Stardate 45047.2: The Enterprise is on a mission to establish relations with the Children of Tama, whose language was previously described as being "incomprehensible".

Kennelly, however, is not aware that the Cardassians raided the outpost themselves to put an end to the Federation aid for the Bajorans. He gives the Cardassians the desired opportunity to get rid of Orta's resistance movement as planned, but they just destroy an empty old ship.

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