The blacklist 1x22 online dating

They have something important to discuss, and it seems to be in her favour that he is cuffed. *snicker* One Shot / Lizzington / M for sexual content. Written for Iulia over at the Lizzington Facebook page whose Secret Hiatus prompt for me was a write a story for Liz and Red that takes place in the 1920's.Liz taps Red for an article she is writing for the paper about bootlegging.As NCIS: New Orleans draws closer to the end of its freshman season, the book is closed on arguably the most obnoxious villain of the season as Baitfish took a bullet to the forehead from an unknown assassin.

[Sequel to Indelible Ink, Soulmate AU, 10/10, Lizzington]An intense exploration of love and loss and obsession and Liz's psyche, centering around the events of the Garrick incursion and thereafter. It started with the boxes, it unraveled from there.

Shortly after the death of Berlin, Lizzie and Red's relationship becomes nothing short of complicated.

When he invites her to a speakeasy, it's a night of firsts and Liz finds out what's really going on underground. Liz and Red have danced around each other for far too long.

They're finally ready to move things forward, but they keep getting interrupted. Further into the unknown - Liz & Red are sent on a mission to catch their latest blacklister - How far are they willing to go to pursue what they want most - Set around S02 - "Touch provides its own language of compassion, a language that is essential to what it means to be human...

Banter, angst, interrogation, and a few suggestive moments and some violence thrown in there for good measure. Liz comes to Alan Shore as a last resort after Tom is released from prison after he almost kills her.

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