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They surrounded us and started groping; they also took hold of people's heads and forcibly kissed their cheeks and foreheads.

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A few days after the story broke on the "Circle of Hell" attacks in Cologne, the alternative media website Nyheter Idag revealed that the respected daily newspaper, Dagens Nyheter, had known about similar attacks at a music festival in Stockholm in August 2015, but had declined to write about it.

Possibly to defend itself against accusations of a cover-up, Dagens Nyheter furiously attacked the Stockholm police.

On New Year's Eve, the same kind of mass sexual assaults that happened to women in Cologne -- in Arabic called "Taharrush" -- also took place in Sweden, but the police and the media have chosen to bury the information.

The men, it turned out, were mainly Afghan, and claiming to be "unaccompanied refugee children." In reality, many of them are much older than 18, and are now commonly referred to with the recently coined name, "Rapefugees," rather than "refugee children." It recently emerged that the Immigration Service urged its administrators to accept as a "child" everyone who looked under the age of 40 -- apparently without any thought as to how inappropriate it is to place grown men in elementary and secondary schools with teenage girls.

The leader of the Sweden Democrats Party, Jimmie Åkesson, reacted strongly to his party even being mentioned in this context, and demanded that National Police Chief Eliasson immediately be removed from office. He started his career as a bass player in the punk rock band Bad Boo Band, best known for the radio hit song "Knulla i Bangkok" (F**king in Bangkok"), released in 1979.

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