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There are many sports restricted to players of a certain age (e.g.16 and under, 18 and under, etc.) What if a person is older and fakes his birth certificate to say that he is younger? Can we determine such a person's age by radiocarbon dating methods or other means? That doesn't mean we can't make a decent guess by other methods.

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I have extracted a portion of the data used to construct the terrestrial radiocarbon age calibration curve for the years 1400 – 1500 A. This estimate would indicate whether an error multiplier factor should be applied to the 1SD error of 21. I have not been able to find any information indicating what the offset might be in C BP age to calendar age is dependent on the use of the atmospheric decadal tree calibration curve with its own set of limitations with respect to accuracy and precision.

I am concerned by the large variation between the decadal C data from the three labs for the years from 1419 to 1459 in Table 5, years critical to the dating of the Voynich Manuscript.

The three labs made a large number of measurements on samples of Belfast Irish oak of known age and this data was used to produce the 2004 atmospheric decadal tree ring data set.

In conclusion, until a better method becomes available, radiocarbon dating is the best method for determining the approximate age of small samples of organic material.

Clearly this wouldn't be of too much use in people trying to pass themselves off as teens.

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