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He came back next day and asked again if I would remove it.I said I would cover it up when coming on the property.

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(Make sure you don’t sound like you’re expecting to move up in an unrealistic amount of time — if it normally takes people three years to get to the next step, present your plan within that framework.) 2.

My employer wants me to remove an offensive sticker from my truck I recently broke up with my girlfriend and to retaliate, I put a sticker across the front windshield of my truck that says “Lift it!

The company that offers the training is under no obligation to offer the training in specific locations.

They may have decided that it’s not profitable for them to offer this particular training in your location and that it’s not as effective to do online. Instead of focusing on them being unfair, talk to your employer about your situation.

The next week, HR approached me and reminded me of the anti-harassment policy.

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