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If a person on the list has sailed with Star Vista LIVE within the last three years and is not a past group member of the Group Leader submitting the name, that name will not qualify.

Once a prospective passenger is part of a group, he/she cannot then change groups nor may another group leader claim that prospective passenger.

A member of a group may start his/her own group and submit a list of new prospective passengers at any time.

Please note that is the intention of Star Vista LIVE to ensure that Group Leaders are properly rewarded for their efforts.

Season 4, Episode 15February 11, 2002Darryl's planned Valentine's Day surprise for Yvonne---a weekend vacation---turns into a bust when they're stranded at the airport.

Meanwhile, Yvonne believes that a neighbor has purposely dissed her.

Star Vista LIVE promises to provide you with a unique entertainment experience, bringing you together with a community of like-minded enthusiasts to relive favorite moments, create new memories, and enjoy unparalleled access to the superstars you love.

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