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Then I went into the kitchen and returned carrying two flutes of champagne.

"To sweet adventure," I said, lifting my glass in a toast.

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In my bedroom I took my time as I wanted everything to be perfect.

I carefully rejuvenated my make-up and my perfume, changed my stockings to put on my seamed stockings and my high heels to higher ones that were black patent, selected my black sheer negligee as I wanted him to see me in all my splendour, but I did put on opaque panties as I did not want him to see my cock-clit yet.

Understand that if you come with me, your life will never be the same after tonight.

I will transform you into my slave, you will have to obey and satisfy all my desires." "I do not know too much about women like you but you are so beautiful that I want to go with you." He pleased me so much that we finished our drinks, and drove to my apartment, stopping first to pick up some champagne. I sat him down on the couch and told him not to move while I went into the bedroom.

I also love to seduce a man and then transform him into my feminized slave, dressing and making him up arouses me immensely.

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