Gratischat dk Billund

A typical company town, it is also known for its theme park, Legoland, and for Billund Airport which is the second largest airport in Denmark.The airport opened in 1964 and was built by the Lego Group, but is now run independently.

In 1930, Kirk Christiansen began producing utility items such as ironing boards, stepladders and miniature toys.

His first toys were created from scraps from the production of his other goods but his true toy production started in 1932.

Therefore we also want to make every spectator experience as great as possible with stunning swims and bike routes with carefully selected hotspots where you can follow the athletes; city runs in small streets with lots of opportunities to see all the athletes; and last, but not least, intense finish lines where you can follow your beloved the last few meters to the finish line.

But no event is possible without all the volunteers, that stand ready each year to help us organize and execute every event.

You can save money, if you reserve parking at Billund Airport in advance. There are free shuttle buses from the parking area to the airport terminal. You have, among other things, the possibility to tank gasoline or to get the car cleaned both inside and out while you are away.

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