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Clicking on “Approve” isn’t the wisest of ideas, because you’re allowing complete strangers to post messages – via the rogue application – to your Facebook page.These messages then get seen by your Facebook friends, and in this way the message can spread virally and rapidly across the social network. Now, when testing this particular rogue application, I happened to use a bogus Facebook account called “Zack Muckerburg”.Every day the team at Naked Security is deluged with emails from Facebook users reporting the latest scams that they have seen spreading via the social network.

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Clearing snow around hydrants helps firefighters access the hydrants quickly in an emergency. QGh R Having #World Juniors withdrawals already!

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Now one woman in the Netherlands has learned just how intrusive these gadgets can be after buying a cheap version from the Dutch retailer Action. ” Hundreds of thousands of unsecured personal cameras are available to watch online, in real time, thanks to sick websites that allow voyeurs to snoop on the general public.

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