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Even Tommy was scared.‘If we stay out in the open they’ll pick us off one by one.We need to be together in a place even they won’t come.’This, of course, meant they were going home – to Small Heath and to ‘The Garrison.’‘Anyone who wants to live to see next Christmas needs to realise: these bastards kill kids as well.

When the post included a Christmas card sent by Luca Changretta (a ‘black hand’, the symbol of death) it capped off Tommy’s build up to the big day nicely. When everyone else in the family received one too, even Tommy and the other Shelbys were scared – enough to put their differences behind them and re-group to defend themselves.

To no avail, as it turned out with the final, fatal, scene.

’ Michael urged him.‘We’re the Peaky f**king Blinders ! Seconds later they were both mown down in a hail of bullets – shot down by hitmen springing from the cover of some hay carts: a perfect Al Capone-style ambush.

This was another side of the Shelbys now: the hunters were the hunted. Judging by this superb episode, it should be some contest.

Maybe in the is the very last time back in March of 2017.

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