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Well, unfortunately, the answer to that is a lot harder than any kind of dating “hack.” Ben says the key to great body language on a date is dealing with the root issue of why you feel awkward or self conscious.“That’s why I never focus on things like touch initially,” Ben says.

“I teach my students a number of other listening, empathy, and self-confidence skills before we progress to external techniques.

“You’re not shaking their hand.”Thomas thinks that opening with that kind of physical contact sets the tone for the rest of the date.

Both Thomas and Ben recommend “escalating physical contact” throughout the date — but Ben cautions that this kind of escalation has to be done really carefully and conscientiously.“Before you can escalate from ‘friend touching’ to ‘romantic touching,’ you need to ensure your date actually enjoys being touched by you,” Ben tells Bustle.

It’s the kind of body language that we naturally adopt when we’re into someone, but Thomas’ knows that getting comfortable enough to automatically do these things can be really hard for people.“Practice until it becomes a habit,” Thomas says. Steph Curry doesn’t fake his three-point shots; he practices his three point shots.”Ben’s number one tip for body language on a first date was actually the most surprising: Forget about body language and just listen to your date.“The moment you focus on body language it means you're being self-centered — you're more concerned with your own inner voice or manipulating the situation to truly connect with your date,” Ben says.

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