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The high-leg swimming costume was set to be the must-have beachside look this summer, but whoever designed Germany's leotards seemed to have taken the trend a little too literally - resulting in some rather uncomfortable-looking uniforms.

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There are hundreds of websites that deserve to be on this list.

This has nothing to do with who’s in and who’s out — it’s all about what’s working in 2017 and how our church’s websites can learn from those leading the way. Their main website — Church On The — is targeted toward new visitors (the way it should be).

We've already been treated to a host of interesting style choices since the 2016 Olympic Games kicked off in Rio last week.

And with the gymnastics now in full swing, viewers have been treated to an eye-popping array of colourful and heavily embellished leotards from the different teams.

Dipa - the country's first ever Given Hong Un-Jong is the only female gymnast competing from the nominally communist state it's perhaps not surprise that her uniform was somewhat underwhelming.

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